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Social Media Calendar

Your calendar is the framework of the content that you share with your audience.

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Social Media Calendar‚Äč

A social media calendar aims to organize and schedule your posts in advance so that you can publish content when it’s relevant to your brand. Your calendar is the framework of the content you share with your audience. Hence, a strategy is needed to show and coordinate the monthly, weekly, and daily schedules. The social media monthly plan gives you an overview of what content is in place for the month, and you can also review the subsequent month in advance.

Planning Posts

By planning posts for the entire week, you can reduce the stress of figuring out what to post on that specific day, which is very time-consuming and a productivity killer. The ‘week view’ and the ‘day view ‘allows you not to post the same content on the same platform. National Dog Day and Independence Day may be necessary for your followers! By figuring out which observance days and holidays are coming up next month, you can plan your posts so you don’t miss a special day that could help boost your engagement and traffic.

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