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Case Study : Pharmacy outlet/store based in California

Case Study Youtube

Platform : Youtube

Client Type : Pharmacy outlet/store based in California


Client want us to increase their social media presence online via YouTube.


Profound solution

YouTube videos have been an important factor in driving traffics to websites, emails, social media platform amongst others. Based on the issue, the pharmacy store needs to have a YouTube channel titled in their name and we will ensure to consistently post rich video content about health tips to draw the attention of viewers.

Create brand awareness through video contents:  Videos are a powerful way of increasing brand awareness as it shows a lot of information within a few seconds. Our team of highly skilled professionals will handle the YouTube channel for the pharmacy, and they will be responsible for making creative videos about various health topics including symptoms of illnesses and the likely causes of the ailments. Our social media experts will also show clients’ brand and image to boost popularity.

Also, we will ensure to recommend to viewers in the video to visit our client’s pharmaceutical store for health consultation and also subscribe to the channel for more health tips. This will in turn drive traffic to their website and can easily drive customers to the pharmacy as well – generating increase in profit for clients.

Use of story pages: Telling a story is a feature used on YouTube to show short clips to engage users. Stories are powerful, healthy ones are unforgettable and elicit in viewers’ emotional reactions with makes them connect to the brand almost immediately. People love hearing stories especially interesting health topics that drives people’s concentrations. Our team of social media geeks will drive the audience with special story contents to generate increase in audience encouraging audience to like, comment and shares. These stories usually disappear after 24hrs but can reach a wide ride of audience in a short time, it can also be used to attract customers which will in turn help to create awareness and drive traffic.

Optimize videos for Search Engines: YouTube has two billion subscribers, and it represents a huge opportunity for businesses and search engine optimization or SEO. The algorithm is designed in such a way to catch users based on the keyword searches as they have different customers based on different searches. Videos need to be ranked higher by using keywords, title and description, length, and even thumbnails image to increase customers’ awareness. We exploit this feature for our client to meet up with their goals.

Leverage the How-To Format: Our company will provide easy and common search words using the “How- To” in creating content on the You Tube channel. This will drive our channel to the top when searches are made by YouTubers in that regard.