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Case Study : Makeup Product Producer in the US

Case Study Youtube

Platform : Youtube

Client Type : Makeup Product Producer in the US [Start Up]


Client needs to create awareness on Youtube about their brand in Texas, US.


With our seasoned team of social media geeks,we will adopt our Social media marketing tools to tackle this issue. Understanding and acknowledging that Youtube is one of the top and most popular social media platform with over 2.6 billion users worldwide (including individuals and businesses).

The first step that we’ll take for the client is to create a Youtube channel, ensuring that we are creating the Youtube account for business and not a personal account. (if they don’t already have one). Afterwards, we will customize the channel to help optimize their channel discovery. We will ensure to make use of a descriptive keywords that will help the account appear in account searches e.g Makeup, brushes, how to apply, etc.  because it allows them create and express their unique identity by listing their product offerings and or services, through images &videos. Also, this will give a better sense of business’s personality and character.

Considering the nature of this business, our target market will be largely young female adult. Therefore, we will leverage Youtube Ads to promote specific posts for the business. Such posts will include a headline, a video showing how to apply our products. We will rely majorly on Youtube Ads for increasing awareness on how product.

We will adopt Youtube analytics for:

  • Getting a summary of how our audience find our content
  • Getting to know which of our content are being watched more so as to improve on other contents
  • Demographic targeting by Youtube user data on age, location, education, and interests.
  • The ability to set ad budgets.
  • Number of susbcribers
  • Built-in ad performancemeasurement tools.
  • The ability to advertise for specific particular area/business location (US).

Other tactic that we will use to draw attention to our channel will be:

Training on how to apply a full makeover on the face to enhance the individual naturally endowed beauty, hacks in applying makeover, tips in makeover application etc.