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Case Study : Logistic Company in the US (Startup)

Case Study Pinterest Platform

Platform : Pinterest

Client Type : Logistic Company in the US (Startup)


Client needs to create awareness on Pinterest in US


With our seasoned team of social media geeks, we will adopt our social marketing tools to tackle these issues. It is obvious that Pinterest is a visual platform, thus, engaging contents/pins, carousels and videos that are visually appealing is important and crucial in creating awareness for our client.

We will start by creating a Pinterest marketing strategy such as setting SMART goals, learning about the general Pinterest audience and targeting households and businesses who might be the potential target audience.

We will carefully plan the client’s brand board which include useful, engaging and inspiring content that gives an overview of the client products and services making it easier for Pinterest users to easily see what the company entails.

Again, we optimize pins for SEO which makes the business’ Pin easy to find by including key words in pins, description etc.

Our company will promote the client’s Pinterest profile by linking the client’s website with other social media platforms. It should be noted that we will go further to track, measure and analyze the client Pinterest profile to see what content performs best.