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Case Study : An health insurance company in the California, US

Case Study Google My Business

Platform : Google My Business

Client Type :An health insurance company in the California, US


The client wants to publicize their insurance policies in California using Google Business Profile


Acknowledging that Google My business is one of the easiest ways for an organization or individual to be known and ranked on Google which is the number one search engine all over the world, we will employ the following steps to aid our client.

Step 1: We will first create a professional Google Business Profile for the client (if they do not have one already in place). The Google business profile account is a perfect way to market one’s business because it gives room for an organization or individual to add a specific location of the business’ office(s).

For our client, after the Google My Business Profile has been created, we will then optimize it further by adding the business hours so that people can know the days and times that our client is available. We will also add a catchy business description. This description is very important because that is one of the first things that will appear when people type the business name or related keyword on Google.

Step 2: We will then research on some leading insurance companies in California, US. In other to beat those companies, our team of Social Media Geeks will then analyze their Google Business Profiles to see the type of posts that those companies put on their pages, the frequency of their posts and their customer engagement.

Step 3: Using the feedback from the previous step, we will then create posts that will be more engaging that the client’s competitors, showcasing the policies of the company. In every posts, we will attach relevant links and a button that will be link to the company’s website where people can go to see more information about the company. Also, for every image that is posted on our client’s profile, we will add a Geotag that shows the location of the business. Geotagging images enables Google to rank a business in a geographical area. In addition, we will ensure that in the description of the of the images to be posted, relevant keywords will be added so that when that phrase or word is typed on Google search, the client’s business will be shown.